Cat Pull Stud Bolt

1. After heat treatment, and then quenching, cleaning, tempering, pull the nail out hard, not easy to fracture.
2. the surface hardness, wear; the middle soft, have sufficient tensile strength; relative 45# steel is more easier to promise not to wear fracture.
3. CAT conical shell cutter shank: 30, 50, 40
4. suitable milling cutter: 13mm-50mm
5. Precision is less than 0.01mm balance 8000rpm. High accuracy can also be made according to your requirements. (g6.3/12000rpm, G2.5 / 20000) 48-55hrc hardness.
6. suitable for pulling the stub with the milling cutter disk is also required.

CAT Pull Studs in CNC machine Adapter
CAT Pull Studs in CNC machine Adapter

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