Edge Finder

1.The edge finder include Photoelectric and Mechanical.It Suitable for milling machines CNC machining machines ,can test the X,Y coordinate of work piece .
2.4mm gauge head for the use of small diameter and narrow groove .

3.Speed 400-600RPM

4. No rotary measurement is required
5. Quickly explore your work location.
6. for milling machine, end bed, and other mechanical equipment, can effectively save the time required to find the location.
7. can be applied to edge, surface and inside and outside diameter of high efficiency measurement.
8. When the steel ball is detached, a safety spring can accurately pull it back to the original position.
9. Machining center is developed from CNC milling machine. The biggest difference with CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the ability to automatically exchange processing tools, through the tool library installed in different purposes of the tool, can be in a clamping through automatic tool changing device to change the spindle processing tools, to achieve a variety of processing functions

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