ISO SK Collet Chuck

1.High Quality ISO SK Tool Holders, high speed and high precision machining .Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories.High Precision ISO shank Tool Holder ,balanced G6.3 or G2.5 For choose.
2.ISO Tool Holders for mechanical spindle and cutting tool and other accessory tool connection. Is a simple, popular spindle shank connection standard, mainly ISO30 ISO40 ISO50... Etc.. Mold industry, and high-speed engraving machine, used more.
3.proove cleanness,precsion more stable ,surface more smooth,feel more comfortable and appearance nicer. Chuck surface is coated ,the layer is evenly ,Chemical plating solution dispersion degree of almost 100%,nickel layer is thin .This special coating can reduce Spindle abnormal wear and tear.Don't influence precision .
4.we can to figure to sample processing, and perfect after-sales service and technical support. Looking forward to your cooperation!

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