Milling Cutter

The use of various milling cutters is as follows:
1. Flat-end milling cutters, roughing, removal of a large number of blanks, small area horizontal plane or contour finishing;
2. Ball-end cutters for semi-finishing and finishing of curved surfaces; small knives for fine milling of small chamfers on steep surfaces/straight walls.
3. The flat cutter with chamfer can do coarse milling to remove a large number of blanks, and can also finish-mill fine flat (with respect to a steep surface) small chamfer.
4. Molding cutters, including chamber cutters, T cutters or drum cutters, tooth cutters, internal R cutters.
5. The chamfering tool and chamfering tool have the same shape as the chamfering shape and are classified into milling cutters with chamfering and chamfering.
6. T knife, milling T-slot;
7. Toothed knives that mill out various tooth forms, such as gears.
8. Rough knife, rough milling cutter designed for aluminum-copper alloy cutting, can be quickly processed.

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