NB Collet

Applied for clamping tools with cylindrical shank into NBC collet chucks.
Interchangeable with B.I.G. NBC collets.
High quality spring steel full hardened and ground for proper hardness and toughness, better flexibility and increased grinding quality.
Concentricity and repaetability within 5 microns.
The shallower taper (6°) of the collet improves concentricity and repeatability
Less slots for maximum stability, avoiding the collets tendency to distort
The collets are slotted on both sides, hardened, ground, polished and tested to 100% concentricity.
Fine finished surface (Rz ≤ 2.5µm) for higher stiffness, maximum clamping forces, enhanced concentricity and better corrosion resistance due to increased surface contact.
All edges are deburred and rounded to protect the inner cone of the collet chuck from marks.

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