15K Analog Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Model:DZ-2018TA Ultrasonic welding machine/Analog Ultrasonic Plastic Welder Welding Area:Φ180 packing sizeW*H*D(CM):Machine Frame:400*650*1100Generater:210*320*80 Advantage:Low Maintenance Cost/Sustainable/Low Noise Level When the ultrasonic welding machine fails, you can deal with it like this (1)Inferior welding result Reason:Suspected defective product Solution:Press the emergency stop button to reset, check the work piece mold or equipment problems before continuing processing. (2)Voltage &current over high Reason:The peak voltage at both ends of the transducer exceeds the allowable range; Mold resistance is too large or the load is too heavy. Solution:Press the interface reset button to search the frequency again, check the mold, and start the ultrasonic test to determine whether the mold impedance is normal. Reduce the amplitude or reduce the load (such as reducing the air pressure). (3)Loading abnormal…

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