20k 1800w Ultrasonic Welder New

15k 20k ultrasonic welding machine Maintenance (1)Please keep welding horn and working objects clean (2)Periodically check whether cable connectors are loose (3)Clean the air filter regularly, using detergent or water, do not use volatile solvents (4)Mechanical wipe regularly, but do not use liquid cleaning, vibration box above the weight or fluid placement . (5)Keep the air clear and the ambient temperature is not too high (under 40℃) (6)Lift groove, screw and so on regularly apply yellow grease, and keep clean (7)When handling the plastic ultrasonic welding machine, the vibration box should be separated from the fuselage (disassemble the cable socket), handling must be careful, do not be impacted. (8)When not in use for a long time, please wipe the appearance of the 20K Ultrasonic Plastic Welder, oil maintenance, and cover with the envelope attached to the machine, put in a dry…

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