5N Pure Gold Corrosion Resistant Precious Element  

High purity gold Name High purity gold, marked AU99999. Performance High ductility and malleability; high thermal and electrical conductivity; extremely stable in air and water, will not oxidize at low or high temperatures; insoluble in acids and alkalis. Quality The products are tested in full batches according to the relevant requirements of the national standard GB/T25933-2010, and all of the more than 20 impurity elements such as Ag, Cu, Fe, Pb and Bi are lower than the standard range, and the purity on this basis is not less than 99.999%. Physical specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. Applications l  Semiconductor devices l  Gold wire for bonding in large scale integrated circuits l  Target materials for sputtering l  High-purity gold-based alloys, etc.

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