Air Compressor Mechanical Longitudinal Tube Gas Coolers  

Longitudinal Finned Tube Product Description: Longitudinal Finned Tube produces by high frequency resistance welding fins in the longitudinal direction with the length of the tubes. Fin strip material shall be compatible with and suitable for standard frequency resistance welding to the specified tube material.Before applying the fins, the tube outside surface shall be properly prepared to ensure that the fin-to-tube weld is sound.The fin strip is first bend into U-shaped channel, so that each leg of the U will be a fin. The channels cut into the suitable length and oriented along the length of the tubes and resistance welded in place. The channels weld in pairs, diametrically opposed -- therefore the number of fins specified always be a multiple.   Longitudinal Fin Tube Manufacturing Process: Longitudinal Finned Tubes are produced by resistance welding fins in the longitudinal direction along the length of the tube. The fin strip is first formed…

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