Aluminum Embedded Fin Tube For Bolier

Embedded fin tube is a kind of spiral groove of certain width and depth which is pre-machined on the steel pipe, and then the steel belt is inlaid on the steel pipe on the lathe. In the process of embedded fin tube winding, due to a certain pre-tightening force, the steel belt will be tightly tightened in the spiral groove, so as to ensure a certain contact area between the steel belt and the steel pipe. To prevent the strip from bouncing off, the ends of the strip are welded to the steel pipe. In order to facilitate, there should be a certain clearance between the steel strip and the spiral groove. If the backlash is too small, interference is formed, the Mosaic process is difficult to proceed smoothly. In addition, there will always be some springback in the wound strip, which will result in a poor connection between the strip and the bottom of the spiral groove. Mosaic fin can be carried out in general equipment, the cost is not high, but the process is complex and the production…

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