C10100 Copper OFC high purity 4N5 to 6N

4N5 to 7N 99.995% to 99.99999% Ultra High Purity Copper Custom-Made Dimensions Keywords: Ultra High Purity Refined Metal,High Purity Metal,Vacuum Casting Oxygen Free Copper,Ultra High Purity Copper,Vacuum Casting Copper,High Purity Copper Rod,High Purity Copper Plate,Pure Copper For Planar Target, Pure Silver,High Purity Silver,Pure Silver For Bonding Wire,Pure Silver For Semiconductor Target, Purity Gold Rod,Vacuum Casting Oxygen Free Gold,5N Purity Gold,Gold Sputtering Target, Pure Palladium,Purity Palladium,Pd Sputtering Target,High Purity Palladium Ingot, Ofc Copper,Oxygen Free Copper,Vacuum Casting Ofc Copper,Ofc Copper For Bonding Wire, Copper Based Alloy,Beryllium Alloys,Oxygen Free Silver Copper Alloy,Chromium Zirconium Copper, Chromium Copper,Chromium Zirconium Copper Alloy,Cucrzr Copper Alloy,C18150 Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloys, Beryllium Copper,Beryllium Copper Alloy,Beryllium Copper Plate,Beryllium Copper Electrolysis, Copper Lead Frame,Copper Bond…

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