C80Z120-300SS CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine (Hot Sale)

CZ Combination Machine-Electric Die Changing Equipment(Servo motor drive) Model: 80/120-300 Motorized 一、Forming Machine 1.In-put material: Guiding shaft and guiding rollers 2.Flatten: Up three down four additional two stations guiding and sending,full solid shaft heat treatment with blasting and chroming. 3.Main forming: 18 stations forming (inside 1 station for forming flange,  87-95 degree adjustable), 13 stations CZ change mould, turnover 180 degree to finish the change. Changing the Specification size by means of an electric button. 4.Rib forming: straight rib 5.Straighten: 10 rollers CZ special-use double axis straightening and 4 rollers double axis straightening, total 2 straightening units. 6.Guiding and sending: driven by up and down gears 7.Punch: punch single hole and dual hole after forming, and side hole punchingΦ16×26mm 8.Cut: step-less cutting system, no need change bla…

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