Custom High Quality Metal Pull Zipper Finished Zipper

Where are metal zippers used? A Metal Zipper is understood as a zipper whose teeth are made of copper, bronze or aluminium. Its strong characteristics make it more durable than nylon or resin zippers. Mostly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks.  Metal Zips are plated to give them a more elegant and classy colour, and the plating creates a special protective film so that the metal does not fade. The maturity of the plating technology makes the metal zippers less susceptible to moisture and does not react with alkaline or acidic substances. It is also able to maintain the integrity of the process, thus avoiding wet oxidation and corrosion of the metal gear. Metal Zippers have always been well received and liked in the industry. The appeal of metal zippers is also due to their excellent texture and vivid colour. Contact us to custom Metal Zipper For Handbags, jackets, jeans,etc. Looking for the ideal zipper manufacturer and supplier? We hav…

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