Direct drive DD motor TLD

Wooden box packaging or paper packaging DD motor is also called torque motor, DD direct drive motor, DD direct drive motor TLD-264-138 launched by CCTL has an outer diameter of 264mm, a height of 188mm, and a maximum torque of 500N.m. It adopts the direct drive method of rotor and motion carrier. , reduce the positioning error caused by the mechanical structure, configure the high-resolution encoder, so that the DD motor can reach the precision of seconds, and the noise is also reduced a lot. Product functions and features of DD motors . Smooth running and precise positioning; . Direct drive rotation, no backlash; . Can withstand sudden external force, save space and reduce equipment size. DD direct drive motor/torque motor manufacturer The company has a group of R&D teams with more than ten years of experience in the field of automation, and has registered nearly 15 invention and utility model patents in the fields of linear motors, linear modules, module sl…

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