Direct drive servo motor

Brand: Baolai BORAUTOMATION Model: TLD170 series Positioning accuracy: ±30Arc sec Repeatability: ±2.5Arc sec Product introduction: The product has an outer diameter of 170mm, a height of 50mm, a large torque of 12N.m, direct drive, high positioning accuracy and low calorific value. Product details: CCTL direct drive DD motor integrated structure, the load can be directly installed on the installation surface of the DD motor, The mechanical accuracy of the load mounting surface is the axial deviation and radial deviation of the mounting surface. It adopts the direct drive mode of rotor and motion carrier, The positioning error caused by the mechanical structure is reduced, and the high-resolution encoder is configured. The DD motor can achieve second-level accuracy, and the noise during use is also reduced a lot. The large output torque is also called a torque motor.

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