Factory Price Mini Tractor Price 10HP Walking Tractor

The 10HP walking tractor has the characteristics of light weight, small size, simple structure, easy operation, low fuel consumption, long tillage time, saving time and labor. QLN 101HP Walk Behind Tractor Main features: 1.Patented product,surprisingly High ground clearance,wide wheel tread,stable performance. 2.Multiple working land types:muddy,mountainous land,plain,terrace field.  3.Match with all kinds of farm implements:plough, mower,trailer,sprayer, reaper machine, seeder machine etc. 4. The gearbox and main spare parts, we made by ourselves. Technical Parameters: Model 101 Engine and power 185N(5.88kw) Rated Traction(1) 1700 Dimensions(mm) 2170*890*1150 Min D…

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