G Type Finned Tube For Air Cooler  

G Finned Tube Product Description: The strip is tension wound into a machined groove over the base tube material. This ensures maximum heat transfer at high temperature. Maximum Operating Temperature-450 ° C: Application:More specifically used in Air Cooled Exchangers OR Condensers   G Finned Tube(Aluminum Finned Tube) Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing tool is made up of 2 non-cutting plates set at 90°to the axis of the base tube. The first plate effects a groove for metal spinning. The second directs the ribbon in the groove and sets the fin foot in the groove through pressure on the metal displaced for the groove. A similar plate made of tungsten carburetor allows us to manufacture G finned tubes with base tubes made of austenitic steel or exotic alloys.   G Finned Tube(Finned Aluminum Tubing) Advantages: High fin stability, excellent heat transfer, high operating temper…

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