High Frequency Heating Welding Machine

High frequency welding machine model :DZ-10000AS Suitable for processing PVC, TPU, EVA or  welding plasti c mixed material containing 20% PVC . PVC boots, pants, leather pressure, luggage, electric car mat,  three-dimensional packing bag,  blister shell, hot water bag, medical supplies, stationery, oxygen bag. High-frequency platic welding machine Scope of application Blister packaging (including hot-fit trim edges of upper and lower blisters, hot-cut edges of blisters and cardboard), automotive interior parts, seat cushions, logos, Stationery, stickers, plastic covers, blow-out toys and footwear, raincoats, rain sails, umbrellas, leather bags, designer brands, waterbeds, shades Sun plates, door panels, various packaging bags, handbags, etc. heat-bonding processing, a variety of concave and convex shape patterns, alphabetic characters of repression. use Pure PVC or any soft and hard film, leather or cloth containing more than 30% PVC…

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