High frequency welded fin tube for boiler  

High frequency finned tube The basic principle of high frequency fin tube is to take the seamless steel tube on the outer packing band with a certain distance (strip perpendicular to the outer surface of the tube) and high-frequency current welding as the heat source. By using the skin effect and electrical effect of high-frequency current, the local heating tube, the steel strip and the contact surface area to be welded can be plastically welded. At the same time, the forging force of finned tube is applied to the metal oxide and the plastic form of the contact outside of the excess melt, so as to realize the combination of solid atoms between the steel tube and the finned material. High frequency finned tubes features The high-frequency welding finned tube uses the skin effect and proximity effect of the high-frequency current to heat the steel strip and the outer surface of the steel tube while the steel strip is wound around the steel tube until it is in a plastic…

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