High Frequency Welding Machine For Oxygen Bags

The operation of the High Frequency Welding Machine model: double-ended pedal pneumatic series, single-head push plate (turntable) pneumatic series, pressure frequency fuse series, four-column gantry pneumatic series, high-efficiency automatic series.    A pair of head pedal pneumatic 5kw High Frequency Welding Machine use foot positioning guide and pneumatic assist. The operating table panel is the front and rear sides of the machine head, and the upper die of the product is only fixed to the upper pressure plate of the machine head when using. In the operation process, it is only necessary to set the time temperature according to the customer's product, and control the heat closing time through the manual foot pedal control switch. This model is accurately positioned, the weekly rate is stable, and the automatic overcurrent protection system is adopted. This model is suitable for soft film ceiling, tarpaulin, raincoat and other products that…

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