High Purity Silver 99.99 percent sputtering target material

Ultra High Purity Silver Sputtering Target Material 99.999% Hitech Metal is a supplier of High Purity Silver (Ag) >99.995% with high quality at competitive price. Product can be custom-made per your request.  You can send us your inquiry for a quote. Description High purity silver, silver content ≥ 99.999%, other impurity content < 10ppm.   Performance Stable chemical properties. Good electrical and thermal conductivity. Excellent optical reflectivity, especially the highest reflectivity of white light   Use Mainly used as solder for transistors. Raw material for alloys used in semiconductor devices. High-energy storage batteries. High-purity silver-based alloys, etc.   Specification and packaging Granules or lumps (can be customized); vacuum bagged or vacuum bottled, also can be packed…

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