High Quality Custom Hydraulic Windlass

Hydraulic windlass is also called electric hydraulic windlass. It drives the oil pump by motor, drives the motor by high pressure oil, and then drives the transmission gear by reducer (or without reducer) to make the windlass run. Its structure is relatively compact and its volume is small. Now there has been an automatic hydraulic windlass, which is equipped with a chain length sensor. When anchoring, when all the chains needed to be thrown are thrown, the windlass will stop automatically. When the anchor is close to the hawse tube, it can reduce the speed automatically. The anchor shaft will stop automatically when it is collected in the hawse tube. Jiangsu Haitai Ship's Whole Set Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995.It is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and research of deck machinery and oceanic project. For a long time the company has established a cooperation partnership on technical cooperation and researc…

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