Laboratory Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Laboratory Pharmaceutical Vacuum Freeze Dryer This type freeze dryer is  widely used in scientific research experiments, workshop freeze drying processing test and home food freeze drying, etc. Features: 1. In situ prefreeze drying reduces the tedious operation in drying process and realize the automation of freeze-drying. 2. Silicone oil as a circulating medium ensures high temperature control accuracy, small temperature difference between shelves (≤1℃), and uniform drying effect. 3. The adjustable and controlled shelf temperature is suitable for testing the production process. 4. Touch screen operation, PLC control, display drying curve. 5. The square tray is easy to operate and clean, and it's not easy to deform. 6. Equipped with an inflation valve, it can be filled with dry inert gas. Technical parameters Model KGJ-02F KGJ-03F KGJ-05F Number of Shelves…

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