Linear module screw ball module fully enclosed TL50C

Screw ball module fully enclosed TL50C Linear module is also called linear module, Cartesian coordinate robot, linear slide, etc. It is an automatic upgrade unit following linear guide, linear motion module and ball screw linear transmission mechanism. Linear modules can be roughly divided into: screw, also known as ball screw type, and belt, or synchronous belt type linear modules. The Baolai BORAUTOMATION design team has derived semi-enclosed and fully-enclosed types of linear modules according to scene requirements and practicality. At present, this is a fully enclosed linear module for screw balls Note: Due to the particularity of the product, it is customized according to the customer's requirements for the product, such as effective stroke, load, accuracy, speed and installation method. The manufacturer provides 3D/2D drawings for free, and the motor can be self-configured or standard. Please contact us directly to order.

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