Linear motor module platform supply

The linear motor has the characteristics of constant high speed, high precision, high acceleration and deceleration, direct drive without backlash, and low maintenance; The body is made of aluminum alloy integrally processed and formed, and the combination precision is high; The linear motor module has a built-in reliable anti-collision design to prevent motor damage caused by collision; Using Japanese THK advanced guide rail, high precision, high rigidity, low noise and long life; Using the British Renishaw grating ruler, stable and reliable, high precision; Built-in Renishaw origin and equipped with photoelectric limit switch; Using Israel Servotronix driver, the response frequency is high, the function is powerful, and the stability is strong. Linear Motor Module Platform Brand: Baolai BORAUTOMATION Model: Linear Motor TLM2-T212T222-30G XYT Dongguan Baolai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of linear transmission pro…

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