Linear Motor TLM 200

Linear Motor TLM200 The BORAUTOMATION linear motor sensor uses the British Renishaw grating ruler, which has the characteristics of high precision and strong stability, and the positioning accuracy can reach ±1μm. The linear motor has the characteristics of direct drive, no backlash, no wear during operation, large thrust, multiple mover seats can be installed, and unlimited travel. In terms of practicality, after more than 10 years of team research and development, BORAUTOMATION has more than a dozen technical patents in the area of linear motors. Provide customers with intelligent automation overall solutions and complete technical services. Products are widely used in various automated production lines, semiconductor production equipment, automation equipment (dispensing, spraying, welding), packaging, handling, inkjet printing, printing, laser cutting, scientific research experiments and other fields that require precise linear transmission and positioning.

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