Manufacturers custom high quality chain stopper

        Chain stopper, also known as chain stopper or chain stopper, refers to the special appliance for pausing or clamping the chain. Attach to windlass and anchor . The chain tube is separated from the chain wheel to bear the tension of the anchor and chain when the anchor is collected and mooring, so that it will not be transmitted to the anchor the sprocket. The commonly used are spiral pawl, knife pawl, tongue pawl, CAM pawl, chain pawl and roller knife chain pavers, etc. role (1) it is arranged between the windlass and the chain tube to fix the chain and prevent the chain from slipping out; (2) The grasping force produced by the anchor and anchor chain is directly transferred to the hull to reduce the load of the windlass and protect the windlass; (3) The gravity and inertia force of the anchor when sailing. Jiangsu Haitai Ship's Whole Set Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995.It is a company specialized in desi…

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