Marine explosion-proof hydraulic windlass

Hydraulic windlass Windlass can be divided into manual, electric, hydraulic, steam and so on according to the driving form. Windlass can be divided into φ12- φ120mm and other specifications according to the diameter of anchor chain. Windlass can be divided into single side and double side according to the drum distribution. Windlass is mainly composed of base, bracket, anchor chain wheel, brake, sprocket, gearbox, electronic control system (except manual windlass), electric windlass has an electric motor, hydraulic windlass has a hydraulic pump station. The main technical indexes of windlass include anchor chain diameter, nominal speed of anchor lifting, rated load, supporting load, several speed changes, electric system and so on. Anchor winch installation on the ship to ensure that the anchor chain and sprocket Angle is 117-120 degrees. Jiangsu Haitai Ship's Whole Set Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995.It is a company specialized…

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