oil free air compressor manufacturers

Oil-free water lubrication air compressor (working principle) : A cylindrical screw and two symmetrical configuration of the plane star wheel to form the engagement pair. Usually there are six spiral grooves on the screw, and each star gear divides the spiral grooves meshing with it into two Spaces. Each realizes the working process of the compressor. The single screw compressor is equivalent to a six cylinder double acting piston compressor because of the two star gear teeth. Because the cylindrical screw and the star wheel are symmetrical cortex, so that it has balance, so that the axial and radial forces can cancel each other. This is the premise that the machine can run normally for a long time Product advantages: 1, the use of water as a compression seal, cooling medium, low cost. 2, through advanced sealing and isolation technology, compressed air is cleaner, can be pure oil free. 3, higher volume efficiency, more energy saving, more than 15% than the secondary…

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