Oxygen Free Copper OFHC High Conductivity OFC

Features ・Low-temperature softening characteristic such as high-purity copper   ・Superior elongation performance due to fine crystal grains formed by controlling metallurgical structures  ・Both softness and long bending fatigue life time made possible by controlling metallurgical structure  ・High conductivity (> 101% IACS) ・Excellent welding performance equal to oxygen-free copper wire  ・High performance material produced by continuous casting and rolling Main Technical specifications: Purity≥99.995%, O≤1ppm Property: Oxygen-free copper has no hydrogen embrittlement; high electrical conductivity; good processability and welding performance, corrosion resistance and low temperature performance; extremely low electrical impedance. Application: Used for audio equipment, vacuum electronic devices, cables and other electrical and electronic applications. Comparison of Components Impurit…

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