Oxygen-free Vacuum Casting Copper Electrolytic Process

OUR SLOGAN:  Produce the industry’s best ultra high purity metal materials, and to create a broader future with our customers. Hitech products are mainly used in semiconductor chips, flat panel displays, thin film solar cells, information storage and other fields in the electronic information industry, as well as important support materials in the atomic energy, rocket, missile, aviation and metallurgical industries. At present, our products have been recognized and applied by enterprises in high-tech fields such as bonding wire for electronic packaging, high-quality audio wire and sputtering target materials for integrated circuits and flat panel displays. Copper bar is a kind of non-ferrous metal processing bar, which has better processing performance and high conductivity. It is mainly divided into brass rod (copper zinc alloy, cheaper), purple copper rod (higher copper content). Main Technical specifications: Purity≥99.995%, O≤1ppm   Pr…

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