Palladium cube Palladium pellet Palladium metal ingot

High Purity Palladium   Palladium 99.9%-99.99%   Name High purity palladium(Pd)   Chemical and physical properties   Palladium content 99.95%~99.99% Specification ø50.8*3mm, ø76.2*3mm, or on request   Characteristic High purity, low content of impurities, especially gaseous impurities; uniform crystal grains. Good electrical conductivity; good ductility and plasticity, can be forged, calendered and drawn; strong resistance to air corrosion and acid corrosion at room temperature.   Packaging Individually vacuum packed, outer box is carton or wooden box (according to product size or shipping weight).   Use Used in thin film coating, CD-ROM, decoration, flat panel display, functional coating, and other optical information storage space industries, glass coating industries such as automotive glass and architectural glass, optical communication, etc.  

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