Panamanian chock conform to shipping standards

        Chock (also known as Banamachite) is a round or oval cast steel, which is essential to the ship in the process of grounding cable guide device. The cable guide hole is generally embedded in the bulwark (commonly seen in ships). When the cable passes through the cable guide hole, the contact surface is circular and arc, so as to avoid the bulwark cutting the cable and facilitate the smooth passage of the cable lute head. Jiangsu Haitai Ship's Whole Set Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995.It is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and research of deck machinery and oceanic project. For a long time the company has established a cooperation partnership on technical cooperation and research and development of new product with the major research institutes of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, such as Shanghai Merchant Ship Design, Research Institute and numerous of Marine Machinery Research and Developm…

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