Portable Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Portable freeze dryers are stable, safe and reliable with a variety of refrigeration system protection adjustment device 1. High pressure protection system: When the exhaust pressure of the system exceeds the allowable pressure, the operation of the freeze dryer will be automatically stop to prevent accidents. 2. Medium pressure regulation system: In a two-stage refrigeration system, proper intermediate pressure is crucial to the operation performance and life of the refrigeration system. When the intermediate pressure is lower than the set value, the system will automatically start. Create conditions for the realization of unmanned operation of the freeze dryer. 3. Oil pressure protection system: When the small freeze dryer is running for a long time, the system will monitor the oil pressure of the freeze dryer at any time to prevent the freeze dryer from being damaged due to lack of oil. 4. Motor temperature protection system: When the motor temperature of the freeze dryer is…

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