stainless steel integral low fin tube

The integral low finned tube is usually machined to form a certain height, a certain piece distance and a certain thickness of the fin on the outer surface of the light tube. Low Fin tube is mainly used as heat exchange element in condenser and evaporator of air conditioner, and low fin tube is often used in condenser. It is composed of a light tube and a fin "attached" on it, and the structural parameters are mainly the inner diameter and outer diameter of the fin tube, the wall thickness of the fin tube, the pitch of the fin, the thickness of the fin and the height of the fin. The low fin tube mainly expands the heat transfer area by external ribbing (ribbing coefficient is 2~3). Compared with the light tube, it has a larger surface area under the same consumption of metal materials. Intuitively, it is the first heat transfer enhancement, but in essence, the increase of heat transfer area brings about the improvement of heat transfer coefficient. The fin can make the heat transfe…

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