WC67Y/K-50/3200 CNC Press Brake  

SERIES WC67K HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE CNC Press Brake Performance characteristics ●CNC series hydraulic press brake has two hydraulic cylinders with electro hydraulic servo valve. Deflection can be compensated by hydraulic vaulted back-off system. ●Backgauge mechanism can control several backgauge axes. Its frame is welded with steel plate and is treated with annealing. ●Hydraulic system adopts integrated control system and imported ring seals. It has a beautiful and simple contour.  ●CNC system uses DA53T/DA58T/DA66T system with Chinese manu made in delem company of Holland.It can also be equipped with mould fixture according to customer' s requirement. Product Features Dutch Delem DA-52S CNC system Swiss Spock CybTouch ct8 CNC system ●Dutch Delem da-52s CNC system ●fast navigation ●6.4 "LCD true color TFT displayMaximum 4- axis control (Y1, Y2 and two additional axes) ●tab…

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